The Remarkable Mister Holmes

A Madcap Musical Comedy Murder Mystery

Book by Omri Schein & David Ellenstein
Lyrics by Omri Schein
Music by Daniel Lincoln

Think My Fair Lady meets A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum with Sherlock Holmes right in the middle!
A high energy full-out musical comedy murder mystery filled with intricate plot twists, clever wordplay, and 18 original songs. Originally written for 9 actors (5M, 4W) and a band of 4, it can be expanded to up to 12 actors and a larger band.
Dr. Watson has disappeared and Mrs. Hudson is on vacation. Sherlock is alone. At the Hotel Magnificent, the World Religious conference is occurring as well as a high end jewel exhibition. Someone is murdering the religious leaders. Holmes and an unexpected partner must figure out what is going on and put an end to the murder spree. The game’s afoot! Filled with classic Holmsian references and a fresh new plot, this fast paced and over the top adventure tumbles forward with non stop music and laughs.

World Premiere Presented by

North Coast Repertory Theatre

July 20 – August 28 2022

Located in Solana Beach, North Coast Repertory Theatre is one of San Diego’s preeminent, not-for-profit producers of the highest quality, theatrical productions. Recognized for the quality of productions and commitment to excellence North Coast Rep takes pride in creating an atmosphere where artists and audiences thrive through the intimacy of live theatre, recognizing the power of theatre to challenge complacency, revitalize the imagination, nurture the unexpected and embrace the variety and diversity in our lives.

The highest grossing play in North Coast Rep’s 40 year history!

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